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February 19,   2020

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Thank you so much for all your business and support in the past holiday season. Our sales far exceeded our expectation, we are thrilled and looking forward our 58th. year in business.  

Current delivery on all shipment worldwide is 2 weeks for electric machines and two weeks for all other items.

Learn how to disassemble, repair and use different attachments for Retsel Grain mill with our easy to follow video tutorials and e-mail us for links. Our video tutorial consist of over 100 videos to guide you through any process.

BBB rating for Retsel  is A+

We now maintain 3 separate secure servers with 3 separate online stores with bank style encryption in place so it's virtually impossible to have our site crashed. All  your credit card info is encrypted and deleted from our servers once your order is placed.

Be advised of hacked Retsel illegal copycat web sites from Australia and fake eviews on e-bay.

Great support is available by e-mailing us anytime around the clock. We can offer you personized tips and tricks, troubleshooting help, product updates, community newsgroups links, and much more to help you quickly get the answers you need.

We accept Paypall for most purchases worldwide up to $3000 dollars.

Our recent remodeled warehouse inventory consists of over 100,000 parts., both genuine Retsel parts and aftermarket competitor parts. The entire parts department is now completely separate from our main order line.
Unless you are receiving items that are still under warranty, all parts should be purchased with Paypall or bank draft for expedited worldwide delivery.


Welcome Folks!

Order line  208-254-3737 Welcome to the state of the art live and interactive Retsel® com web site.

The Wheat Mill Team from Retsel® Corporation brings quality crafted grain mills to the 21st Century family. Our company was established in 1962, currently being the oldest and the largest grain mill manufacturer and competitors parts inventory in North America.  We are growing every year. During the first decade of our incorporation, our engineers have designed, patented, registered and established a marketable family of grain mills that's still with us today. Most of the mills, especially the electric Mil-rites™ and Mil-masters™ built over 40 years ago are still functional today. As you browse through this web site, you can be assured that at this very moment there is a hand full of 700 watt Mil-rites™ quietly humming and diligently providing it’s user with the invaluable value of fresh ground flour, legumes, freshly ground hamburger and masa. We are a health oriented business. Focusing on a healthy lifestyle for you and your family is our primary goal. For over half a century, RETSEL® managed to thrive in the volatile, unpredictable grain mill market. With the modern equipment and strong purchasing power our firm can offer American made appliances at affordable prices unmatched by anyone. We have distributors in most states and many countries of the world.

Our Products

We commercially manufacture the dual voltage Mil-Rite™, Mil=Master, Little-Ark™ and the Uni-Ark™ grain mills.

This web site is the only official Internet web site that holds the copy rights on all Retsel® products. Retsel® Corporation is the sole company on the Internet that offers genuine Retsel grain mills for sale in the United States and abroad. There are currently no other companies on the Internet that have our permission to resell products on line. By doing so, it secures to you, our customer, 24/7 Internet dialogue with our qualified personnel, offering the most competitive pricing, impeccable quality control, exceptional warranty and superb parts department unmatched by any of our competition.
To select a product, please click on the picture of the mill of your choice to read it’s brief description. If you would like to view our product or check our inventory ,simply click in the flashing box “PRODUCT CATALOG” directly in the top right corner of this page. To help you find items even quicker, simply punch in your request in the search window on top of this page.
As an additional option to our valued customers, all our products are offered in twelve colors found on the bottom of this home page.

We offer the largest selection of books, videos, and organic/chemical free grains and an updated inventory of parts to fit just about any grain mill ever made, foreign or domestic.

The shipping is free in U.S.A. on all manual grain mills if you pay with a check or money order. Please include your e-mail address along with your payment so we will automatically send you a confirmation via e-mail upon receipt of your order in the mail.

Now you too can be among the thousands of people enjoying better food, and health. By purchasing grains at wholesale cost, you will also save on your family food budget. You can find the best methods of processing flour in your home from RETSEL™.

The best guarantee

Retsel® offers indisputably the best warranty on the market today. All items that we sell on this web site, with the exception of some special orders have a 30 day, no hassle return policy. This warranty does not apply to any cancelled orders after the merchandise is shipped. Take our product for a 30 day “test grind”. If you don’t like the way it looks, sounds or performs, we will take it back and issue you a full refund. No questions asked. No return authorization required. A restocking fee may apply on some close out discounted sales, and used or returned special order items. This policy speaks for itself. All electric Retsel® mills have a 10 year manufacturer's limited warranty. All manual Retsel mills carry a limited lifetime warranty.  It is your responsibility to show a proof of purchase and pay all freight costs on all lifetime warranty  claims.

We are "Always on time, always online, always in person”.

All Geniune retsel mills are available in the following colors, to see all units in the color of your choice, please click on the square


Gloss White

Sands of Wikiki

Idaho Sage

Corn Yellow

Lime Green

Polished Aluminium


        Blue Tint

 Quiet  Forest


Grand Canyon

Midnight Blue

    Gloss Black


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