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Mil-rite grain and seed mill


Mil-Rite™ , available in 12 colors, comes standard with steel grinding wheels. Several options for steel wheels and different styles of grinding augers available to grind the following - corn, masa,(wet or dry)  nixtamal, beans, rice. Please specify before ordering which grain at which texture and volume you are trying to achieve before purchasing. All attachments will work on the same machine but with different results for productivity. We have many years of experience so we ask that you specify before ordering which media you are trying to grind best results. Video tutorials are available for different attachment to use.

Two sizes of meat grinder sizes with 3 different blades and  screens are available for this machine. You must order a motor with 2 way reversible switch installed in the factory to be used with meat grinder attachment. This two way switch cannot be installed by consumer because it requires a different motor to incorporate the two way switch.

Continuously built in our factory since 1963. Ideally suited for your family. This UL approved, 43 RPM, 1/4HP, 60Hz, 115 or 220 volt rated machine is supplied with a three core grounded electrical cord. It is also available in 220 volt 50Hz for European countries  Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Israel and Africa.

It's internal precision ground gears operate at a whisper of sound inside a all metal transmission. Quietest grain mill on the market today.

Designed to crush and/or pulverize essentially any combination grains or seeds smaller than 1/2 inch diameter.

The grinding heads will disengage when left unattended or when all grain is used up. Mil-rite  is pre-lubricated and designed for at least 20 years of trouble-free operation with minimum of maintenance required.

With just a turn of the adjustment knob, the milling grade is completely adjustable from fine flour to course cereal. The self cleaning stones or steel wheels produce .5 to 1.5 cups of fine flour per minute depending on setting. Coarse grinding is much faster. A standard 3-quart seed hopper is included. Smaller or larger hoppers are available upon request. Powder coated steel handle (Part 18H)  for manual operation may be purchased separately and can be used in the event of a power outage , motor failure or in remote locations.

An optional stainless steel attachment may also be purchased at a later time or together with package 18S . Bean , Masa , Nixtamal augers are available for quicker processing time at additional cost of $129.95 per auger.

Stainless steel grinding wheels will grind many grains or seeds that will either plug up the stones or otherwise will not grind successfully using conventional high speed mills. Stainless steel wheels will effectively grind small nuts, berries, soybeans, field corn (not popcorn) and many other difficult to grind grains. Please read the FAQ for additional information. The 10-year limited manufacturer's warranty covers all parts and labor, (excludes shipping costs) to the original purchaser only. Free literature(owners manual) and live technical support for the duration of the warranty period.

A two way electrical switch is available for this unit. The two way switch is a additional feature  that must be factory installed (cost of $79.95 extra) inside the motor. The two way switch allows you to micro adjust the machine for very fine setting.  The two way switch is required for the meat grinder attachment because the meat grinder attachment rotates in the opposite direction as the grain mill.

Please read our warranty specifics on our home page. Dimensions: 16" high, 11" wide, 12" deep. Grinding wheel diameter is 5". Operating manual is included. Shipping weight is 40 pounds. A 30 day return policy applies if not 100% satisfied.  Mil-rites™ will be shipped within two to three weeks depending on the color you select. Delivery time could be longer at times due to production deadlines beyond our control. Please call us at 208-254-3737 to find out the exact shipping time.


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