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Thursday, April 13,  2021      

Time :  08:00 

Weekly Update : 

Due to recent Covid 19 restrictions in our area and large number of incoming robo calls we will not be able to answer phones this month.  Please use our e-mail to touch bases with us. We are sorry for this inconvenience.

There will be no price increases for 2021 for any of our items. We have managed to keep the pricing the same for the past 5 years.

If you would prefer to use secure Paypall for additional 4% instead of sending a check or money order, please let us know and we will send you a link. Paypall offers 90 days protection plan for all your purchases for your security.

You will however receive the best pricing and 50% off on shipping if you pay with a check.

Thank you for your support for the past holiday season. Once again our sales far exceeded our expectations. Thank you so much for your support during these troubling times.

Please be aware that some special order items might take as long as 6 months to receive.

Current delivery time on most items is about two weeks on most stock orders. All colors will be available for this upcoming holiday season. You will receive 50% discount on shipping if paid with check or money order on all items listed online. Our inventory is super high at this time. Sales have dropped considerably since the potential vaccine introduction for COVID19.

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Gloss White

Sands of Wikiki

Idaho Sage

Corn Yellow

Lime Green

Polished Aluminium


        Blue Tint

 Quiet  Forest


Grand Canyon

Midnight Blue

    Gloss Black


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