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December 04,  2023    

Time :  06:11

Daily Update : 

Our current e-mail response time is under 6  hours  at this time due to higher than normal workload.

We are currently running 25% plus 3% for Veterans off special on all RETSEL electric grain mills plus you pay all freight worldwide if you pay with check.

Our team is introducing a new product this fall before the holiday season , a new designed commercial meat grinder that attaches directly to all our electric grain mills, 40, 60 or the 90RPM Mill-rites and Mil-master grain mills, old or present models. Available in all 12 colors, with a 10 year warranty for $595.70 plus freight 

Click here for the Link           CHOPPER PRO

Some of our parts that fit your  50 year old electric machines are still back ordered for two more weeks or so due to the pandemic.

The same circumstances are currently surrounding the automotive industry. We currently do not have an open incoming phone line due to a high number of telemarketing calls and fraudulent credit card transactions. We offer a 24/7 e-mail correspondence and we do return phone call daily when requested by our customers worldwide for any reason. 

If you are not willing to wait for an extended period of time to receive your parts and you have paid for your order, please let us know and we will be glad to furnish you a full refund.

By complaining online about these circumstances on social media is a futile practice and it will not expediate your parts order due to the prevailing circumstances.

In order to keep all our customers informed, we will be updating our home page daily.  

Grain sales down 27%

Electric Mills up 11%      

Hand mills down 691                 

Parts sales up 42% 

for the past 30 days.

We now offer additional 3% Veteran discount on all orders paid by check. You may add that to any sales offers.

The owners manuals are no longer included with the machines unless you request it. To simplify things, we can e-mail you instructions or we can also call you over the phone to walk you through the initial setup after you receive the machine from the factory.

Due to increasing demand for our products , rapidly increasing raw material costs and to keep our prices competitive, we have elected to limit some credit card transactions for parts sales.  You may however use Paypall for some purchases for additional 9% processing fee. Paypall offers you 90 day return policy, so you are totally secure if you use their services to purchase our products directly through us. We also accept check or money orders.

Our warehouse in McCammon is not a public facing office. Please make a appointment with us ahead of time before you pick up your WILL CALL order for grains or any merchandise at his location. If you are coming through , for your convenience, you may also use any credit card, Apple Pay or Paypall card at this location to pay for your order.

You may also schedule a in person demonstration if you wish to see and test our product line before purchase at this location. Our customer customer service is our priority.

Please be patient with your orders. We are still shipping out July orders. If we have not cashed your check for your order , that means the order is still pending. We cash checks about one week before your order is shipped via UPS.

Our delivery time on most products now is about 4 weeks from the time we receive your payment in the mail.

We answer our e-mails daily 24/7

 In order to keep our prices competitive and to reduce credit card fraud and abuse,  we will be more selective in accepting credit cards over the Internet this coming spring.  Please note that all part orders and all non-contiguous orders (outside of USA mainland) must also be paid with a check or money order once you receive a written quote from us.

Please be aware that some special order items might take as long as 6 months to receive.

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